The Venue

Come see what life is like in a full time, land based permaculture community!

The event is located in a wild, lush, secluded tropical rainforest, on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The Community

The hosts are a very unique intentional permaculture community started in 2005 whose members value personal growth, communication skills and open relationships, as well as living on the land.

It is a body positive, clothing optional, emotionally open environment.

There are very few communities that carry all these qualities with such success and longevity. How do they do it?  Come and find out!

The Farm

The site is rustic and homey, in the middle of lush jungle.  You will be included in the family of the community during your stay, eating meals together and getting a good sense of what life is like in an intentional community.  There are extensive gardens that you can tour, as well as chickens and sheep, all integrated into permaculture systems.

The Facilities

All the electricity is off grid solar power. They use outhouses that collect humanure, which is used to fertilize the many tropical fruit and nut trees. Enjoy the wood fired hot tub under the tropical stars, and the solar showers. Listen to the chorus of tree frogs in the night. 

The sleeping spaces do not have toilets or water, but some have electricity.  You can choose from tenting in your own tent, dorms, quanset hut structures and small cabins.  You can also rent a more deluxe accomodation very nearby.

Local Organic Food

Meals will be delicious, healthy organic food with vegetarian, vegan and occasional fish and poultry options. Sample tropical delicacies prepared by community members, including fresh food from the gardens! With enough advance notice, we can also accommodate many special food needs.

The Amazing Local Area

While you are here, explore the warm pools, black sand beaches, steam vents and Volcanos National Park! Also the site of the recent active lava flow is close by, and you might choose to take a hiking tour to get close viewing of it; an amazing experience!

For people coming from off island, this will be a fun way to see the incredible rare natural beauty of the area.