Conscious Connection Retreat - HAWAII

Registration and Housing Details

April 19-24
Registration Open now!


Logistics and Pricing

  • Event Times: arrive by 3 pm on April 19th, ends by 1 pm on April 24.

    This retreat includes:

    • 5 night accommodations
    • 3 meals per day
    • Full day transformational events and teachings

    We ask that people give an amount that is both generous and joyful.  

    If you are unable to contribute at the bottom of the sliding scale, please contact us – we may be able to work something out with work trade! Those of you who are able to pay at the higher end of the sliding scale enable us to hold this retreat in a spirit of generosity and inclusiveness.

    We will notify you within a week if you have a spot, at the latest.

    Send a deposit of $400 to hold your place within 2 weeks after getting the Welcome letter, and the remaining payment no later than March 15.  Or send your full payment now.

    *Full Retreat Residential ticket: $875- 1100 sliding scale, includes 3 great organic meals a day, and a dorm bed or a covered camping space for your tent.

    Kamaaina Prices (Off site locals only, no early bird discounts): 

    *Off site full event with meals: $675 (you stay somewhere else, but have meals with us.)

    *Off site full event no meals: $500 (you stay somewhere else, and bring your meals.)

    Weekend offsite options for locals (no discounts):

    *Offsite Weekend Fri evening- Sunday before dinner, with meals:  $325 non-residential tickets including 6 meals

    *Offsite Weekend Fri evening- Sunday before dinner, no meals: $250 non-residential tickets

    (We are not set up for you to make your own food. No kitchen or food storage space. You can bring a cooler if you like.)

    There are no weekend residential tickets because of limited space, unless you stay in your RV.

    No one day drop in tickets.


    *Bring your own RV- included.

    *Bring your own tent, and use a cleared site with our tarps. Included.

    *Stay in our indoor or Quanset hut dorms- no extra cost.

    *Stay in one of our private tents, bed, bedding and tarp. $100 extra

    *Rent a private quonset hut (couples only) $200 extra

    *Rent a space in a cabin, we have several available at extra cost, between $200 and $350 for the entire event.  Two people can share most of them.

    *Stay offsite in your home or a vacation rental

    Covid Safety: No vaccination required.  Do not attend if you are ill or if you have recently been with someone who is ill. Refrain from going to public group activities for 5 days before the retreat.  Covid quick test will probably be required at the door.  Most activities will be in a covered outdoor space.  You may wear a mask if you wish.

    A few Discounts available for full work trade, $550 plus 15 hours of work during the event, and camping in your own tent or RV, or being in a dorm. 
    Fill out our work trade application, please. 

    Pay with Check or credit card!  You will get details when you are notified you have a spot.

    Extra nights

    You can choose to spend an extra night before or after the retreat, at the cost of $100 per night including food. Arrange this with the registrar.  There will be more information on this in your welcome letter.

    Fill out the Application!

    Airfare and airport transfers to the venue are not included. If you can't join with others for a ride, shuttles cost $50 one way, or $30 per person, and may be divided between others getting the same ride.  Or you can sign up on our ride board.

    The site is 40 minutes from the Hilo, Hawaii airport. (Do not fly in to Kona, unless you want to rent a car and take a 3 hour ride to get to the east side of the island.)

Payment options include Venmo, credit card or check. (Check preferred)
  • Details on payment will be sent when you register.  Check your spam folder if you don't get it.

Extra Days!  Rest, Relax and Relate!

In addition to our 6 day, 5 night CCR, you have the opportunity to book your room extra days before, or 1 day after, at a reasonable cost of $100 per night including food, to enjoy the special beauty of the area!
Just contact the organizer, as early as possible, to arrange your stay.  It is recommended to also rent a car if you choose this option, as there are few buses.  Unless you just want to relax on our farm.


This is a rustic venue in the tropical rainforest. It offers an immersion in green, wet and wild land, with small chirping frogs singing to you at night, a block from an active steam vent. There are no indoor bathrooms. Composting toilets recycle our waste and feed the trees.
You may choose varying options, and prices below are for 5 nights during the training.
Bedding, mattresses and towels will be provided unless you choose the self camping option.
If you must have access to electricity, please note that on your registration.


1. Your own tent

Bring your own tent, mattress and camping gear, and set up under our tarp.  We have special prepared areas for tents so you may choose from them.

2. RVs or Off Site

RV Parking or Off Site

3. Private Tent with tarp

We set up one of our tents for you, 1 to 3 people (check to see if available, and you can share this with a partner) No electricity. Includes bedding and mattress
$100 set up fee.

4. Quonset Huts

Large domed tents with beds on platforms, for 2-8 people, no electricity, no extra charge.

5. Indoor Dormitory, single beds

Beds for up to 7 people, near the kitchen so there is some early morning noise. Has electricity. No extra charge.


6. Private Cabin

Enjoy your own space in a private Cabin onsite. 4 available.
$250- 450 extra per couple/person, depending on size and amenities.

7. Super Deluxe Private Cabin

Enjoy your own space with a partner or alone,
in a private Cabin a 10 minute walk from the venue. Includes kitchenette and private bath.
$1000 extra per couple or $1200 for a single person. These may or not be available.
Check at Puna Rainforest Retreat

Pre-event Safety Agreements Summary

We will be taking many steps to insure all of our safety, including:

*requiring a period of you moving in a relatively tight bubble at least 5 days beforehand:

*refraining from risky practices such as going to large gatherings with people you are not familiar with, except for the needed public transportation to the event.

*avoiding anyone who is sick,

*We may do a rapid testing of everyone the day the event starts at the site.  Please bring 2 or 3 tests with you.  We will have plain cotton swabs available for those who want to use them.

*If you have any symptoms of illness, please do not come to the training.  If you need to cancel in the 7 days before the event because of becoming ill, we will refund you all of your money if we can fill your spot, or half the money if we can't, less transaction fees.

We all want to feel safe to explore and connect with each other! We know people have different beliefs around COVID and being safe with it, and we ask you to please abide by these guidelines to protect the organizers and other attendees.


Substitutions of attendees may be made with discussion with the organizers.

Attendees must cancel by midnight, Pacific Coast time, Feb 15 2024 to receive a full refund minus $100 processing fee, and any transaction fees.

Cancellations Feb 16 to March 15 receive a 50% refund, and after March 15 or failure to appear receives no refund. Exception: if someone takes your spot, you will receive a full refund minus $100 and any credit card fees.

Cancellation requests received after March 15 or failure to appear for the camp will result in forfeiture of the entire course fee, unless we can find someone to take your spot, in which case you get a full refund minus $100 and any transaction fees.

Cancellations due to illness: If you cancel within 7 days of the event due to your illness that you send us documentation for, we will refund all of your money if we can fill your spot, half of it if we can't, minus a $100 fee.

You are responsible for ensuring that we receive your written request. We will reply by email with a written acknowledgement. Cancellation refunds will be completed via check or Venmo.

Cancellation requests must be received by email to

You are responsible for ensuring that we receive your written request. We will reply by email with a written acknowledgement. Cancellation refunds will be completed via check or Venmo.

Karuna Retreats reserves the right to cancel or reschedule events at any time. This is very unlikely to happen. A sufficient enrollment decision will be made two weeks after the early payment deadline.
If Karuna Retreats cancels or reschedules the event due to low enrollment, weather, or unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of Karuna Retreats, you are entitled to a full refund, but Karuna Retreats is not responsible for travel arrangements, travel fees, or any expenses incurred by you as a result of such cancellation.

If Karuna Retreats cancels an event is which you have registered, you will be contacted at the email address you provide when registering, so please be sure to provide a valid email address.