Samples from the Program CCR Hawaii

We have many wonderful offerings to delight you, led by our very skilled presenters including:


With Kim Keller
Conscious touch requires a high level of presence, consent, clarity, energetic intention and resonance. In this workshop, Kim will demonstrate a simple and potent touch ritual and technique that will bring your partner, lover or friend into ecstatic states of bliss without any genital stimulation.
Learn to bring your heart into your hands, and your adoration into your words. Utilizing a unique full body touch posture, you will have the opportunity to witness this ritual, and then perform this ritual on your partner or other workshop participant.
You can bring along a practice partner, or find someone in the workshop to practice with.
*Note: there may be partial nudity in this workshop (underwear must stay on), as well as the opportunity both to give and receive full body touch.


Authentic Relating Games

(with Ray Cohen and Tracy Matfin) 

Create new and authentic connections by getting to know people in fun and playful ways.  Authentic Relating Games creates a safe atmosphere for people to show up, exactly as they are, and connect from this place.  The games are aimed at keeping what is present in the moment very alive and exploring it together with child like curiosity.

Depending on the group, the games can be light and simple.  They can also get edgy pretty quickly.  You decide where you want the games to take you!  Enjoy the ride!

Ecstatic Dance

(with various facilitators)

Ecstatic dance is tuning into the internal movement of emotions, sensations and our collective energies.

Discover your own way to move in this delightful form that is both playful and loving.

Dance serves as the perfect metaphor to learn about ourselves as we tune into a partner. What your body learns transfers to other relationships.

Welcoming all the Emotions Ritual

with Aya Kamanakai
This is a space to let yourself feel it ALL.

I'll be teaching powerful tools to help you not only feel your emotions but to express them through your whole body.
This is a powerful practice of clearing your emotional charge and bringing yourself back to nervous system ease.

Full Body Orgasm

with Aya Kamanakai
Softening, opening, relaxing into pleasure.
You let the pleasure melt deeper and deeper in.
Feel all the sensations and move it with your breath through your body.
Pushing it out into every cell so that all of you is pulsing and vibrating with juicy aliveness.
Instead of reaching towards a climax, you’re riding waves and waves of euphoria that can last all night and day.
These pleasure states are expansive.
It can take you out into the cosmos, deeper into your body, send you on deep journeys wether alone or with a beloved.
* This class is fully clothed using just your breath and self touch.

Soul Journey Exploration

with Eve Soboleva
Embark on a mystical journey within to uncover the whispers of your soul. Through guided visualization and soulful reflection, you will unearth your true essence, your passions, and the unique path your spirit yearns to walk upon in this lifetime.

Within a container of a ritual sacred circle, we will open the gates to our energy bodies and allow a cleansing of old stuck patterns.

We take time for integration and sharing after each journey.
This is a fully clothed, sensual event.

Earthgasm; Mother Earth becomes Lover Earth

with Kim Keller

Join Kim on a transformative journey that celebrates our connection to the energetic vibrations that emanate from the very earth that holds and supports all life.  During this workshop we will explore these energies and how they vibrate and run through our physical body.  Through guided meditation and sensory experience we will reconnect with the natural world, allowing us to rediscover the symbiotic and nourishing relationship with nature in contrast to our current cultural consumeristic relationship.

We will celebrate our love affair between humanity and our beautiful, fragile and infinitely precious Lover Earth, and embark on this journey of love, awakening, pleasure and transformation together. This is a clothing-on experience of energetic orgasm and vibrational pleasure.

ZEGG Forum

(with various facilitators) 

ZEGG Forum is a group process developed at the German community ZEGG to provide a stage for whatever is happening inside the person: one's true motivations, deep feelings, ideas and emotions. The Forum helps facilitate transparency, sharing and clarifying unsolved situations of daily life, and it can be a catalyst for one's own personal growth.

Blissflow Intimate Couples Massage

with Amara Karuna
Treat your lover or friend to an amazing, sensuous new experience!
Blissflow Massage is sensual and deep bodywork, done as a devotional practice, using long, sweeping strokes on the whole body.
Relax, energize and open to new levels of pleasure! This workshop will consist of sensual bodywork that includes touching the whole body. 
The massage strokes run along meridians and muscle fibers, and are slow and deep.
The emphasis is on treating each other’s body as a sacred temple, using continuous, flowing strokes, which move the energy throughout the body, leaving you both relaxed and energized. This event is for couples so come with a partner.

Trauma and Your Personality Type: The light and shadow

with Hema Latha

Have you ever wondered what your personality type is? How does your past trauma affect how you behave?  How do you deal with a partner or colleague’s behavior when one or both of you are under stress?

If any of these questions intrigue and interest you, this workshop will provide some insights and actionable tools for you to use in your every day life.

Based on Kessler’s 5 Personality Patterns, you will learn:

  • What your personality pattern is
  • How past traumas have affected your behavior pattern
  • How the key people in your life behave when under stress
  • The light and dark sides of your personality type
  • Tools to shift your behavior

This workshop will be mostly experiential in nature.

Deepening our Connections

With Ray Cohen

In these days of uncertainty, many of us look to create a foundation of feeling safe in our lives. Connection and intimacy help to create that foundation. In this session we'll take a look at how our beliefs, thoughts and emotions can block us from contact with ourselves and others, and learn tools to clear those blocks so we have more freedom to experience an open flow of intimacy.  We will explore ideas and practices from “How Emotions Are Made” by Lisa Feldman Barrett, Holistic Peer Counseling, Tools of Emotional Release, and The Work by Byron Katie to increase our awareness of what choices can bring us closer together, contributing to feeling safer while deepening our connections.

Pods: Small Connection Groups

With various hosts

This is a time to connect more deeply with a small group and share your process and experiences.

Pods continue throughout.

Experience Your Energy Body

With Hema Latha

Have you ever wondered what people mean when they use the term “energy” with respect to Tantra or spirituality? Or have you had an experience of energy either in your own body or with someone else?

If you're curious, come and learn about the science behind human energy, what the different energy bodies are and how to tap into your and other people’s energy.

A particular focus of this workshop is how to set your energetic boundaries.

You will get to do energy exercises and experiment in a safe and fun environment.  All exercises will be clothed with no sexual touch.  All you need to do is bring an open mind and heart!

Sacred Pelvic Healing Massage Demonstration

with Ray Cohen

Demo on giving to a woman.

This is a unique, slow and penetrating touch on the pelvic area, which most people have never experienced. It is relaxing, nurturing, healing and pleasurable all at once.  This work draws from the techniques of sacred spot massage, Orgasmic Meditation, cranial sacral work, facia release, Rivers of Love bodywork, Taoist energy healing and cultivation, and deep tissue and acupressure bodywork. It is wonderful for healing any issues around sexuality, shame, or body image and for expanding our capacity for aliveness, pleasure, juiciness and full body orgasms.  This approach to pelvic massage was developed by Amara Karuna.

Sexual Yoga: Pranayama and Visualization

with Gwenn Cody

You've liberated some of your sexual programming from the sex-negative overlords. You've given yourself permission to expand who you are. But wait, there's more!

This workshop will be an opportunity to explore breathing, visualization, and other basic neo-Tantric practices to open the inner channel and activate the energy body more deeply. We will experiment both solo and with others in a living lab, learning more about the subtle body and what lies beyond "friction sex".

Sex Magic Ritual

with Aya Kamanakai

In this ritual, you’ll tap into your pleasure and use it as a carrier for your deepest prayers. Tapping into your erotic energy and  life force, connects you to your deep power and inner wisdom. You’ll feel radiant from the inside out. You start to vibrate your desires into being because you’re an energetic match for them.

This kind of alchemy in our inner worlds weaves magic in the outer world.

Latihan Ritual

with Hema Latha

Latihan is an Indonesian inspired meditation in movement experience that can heighten your senses and is a practice in letting go..  The movement happens spontaneously in a large room with you and your fellow campers and outwardly manifests as gentle physical whole body movement.  Inwardly however, this practice can transport you to a place of beautiful surrender.

The Play of Gentle Play

With Tracy Matfin

Let's experience the light and constantly changing movement of engaging in activities for enjoyment! Gentle play is high on my list of Pleasure strategies. Smiles and laughter through connection with ourselves & each other are the primary ingredients for ease and joy. So attend this workshop as we explore our emotional bodies through some simple improv and playback theater exercises. Deeper connections and increased personal empowerment are sure to follow. 

Healing the Wounds of Shame

(with Eve Soboleva) 

This workshop is an invitation to understand subconscious blocks of shamed sexuality that leads to addiction patterns, and offers an experiential approach to liberate ourselves from unhealthy and unproductive behaviors.

Participants will be guided on an enlightening journey to uncover their core wounding which contribute to their survival strategies and addictive behaviors. This exploration will shine a light on the hidden connection between suppressed needs & desires and the unconscious search for external solace.

Pleasure Play

with Tracy Matfin

Come learn the Seven Principles of Huna, a form of Hawaiian shamanism, in a hands on engaging manner as we explore the corresponding Seven Principles of Pleasure! Be prepared for eroticism as we engage with ourselves and each other. Participants will have the opportunity to exchange touch, though this is not necessary. Clothing optional.

Evening Temple

(with various) 
Deeper connections in a sensual open indoor space. Going to the temple is completely voluntary.  It might include spending time with one or more friends in a close loving way.  There are guidelines for sharing this space in a way that is safe and comfortable for everyone, and following these guidelines is a requirement for all temple participants.

Neo Tantra Ritual

with Gwenn Cody and Ray Cohen
We will create a safe space for deep connection, respectful sensuality and intimacy, creative movement, play and touch. These practices focus on the subtle energy bodies and the energy flow between us, and are very playful.
You will connect with friends of all genders in a series of guided rituals that encourage you to be fully present as you share tantric energy practices, touch, eye contact, breathing, toning, massage, meaningful conversation, etc.
This is a fully clothed, sensual event.