August 21-26, 2024
Join us on the Kitsap Peninsula near Seattle
Experience wonderful days of emotionally intelligent, poly-friendly, 
eco-sexy, open hearted, community connection!
We recommend you have attended a Network for New Culture week long event, or a Tantra Festival, HAI or an ISTA Level one training previously.
*Enjoy the closeness and sweet support of community
*Join our community ZEGG Forum sharing for emotional transparency
*Bliss out at the Connection Ceremonies and temple spaces
*Learn the skills of pleasure, including nurturing, respectful touch
*Time at the nearby river bank and lush forest,
*Savor the yummy organic meals!
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  • Dr Stacy Ellis

  • Jonathan Robinson

  • Hema Latha

  • Amara Karuna 

  • Kim Keller

  • Lizzi Juda

  • and many more!

Creating Connection

Join us in co-creating safe, nurturing, inspiring community, with a focus on how we can be deeply connected with each other, with nature and the world. 
We are dedicated to examining every aspect of our existing cultures and experimenting to find out how to create a world based on love and freedom, rather than fear and violence.
The simple act of sharing loving touch is a deeply powerful practice that most of us would like to have more often, especially in these times.
The intention for this event is to create a warm, loving and safe space for exploring sensuality, communication and relationship skills in an experiential way. 
In order to create a safe bubble to touch in freely, we will ask for safety protocols to be followed beforehand, including testing and relative self seclusion.
We will have some open time blocks for participants to offer workshops and events.  If you have an idea for leading one, let us know on the application!
Come celebrate, be challenged, and enjoy yourself on the land as we share our talents, knowledge and hearts with each other!
Want to know more about CCR? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions

Program and workshops

Full Program will be available in June. Stay Tuned!

Join us longer for CCR Afterglow! Aug 26-28th

A relaxing, sensual, and connective time, reserved only for people who attended CCR and want to deepen the experience, extend our time together, attend participant led events, and explore nature.
Afterglow extension will be held at the same venue, and is priced just over the actual cost of food and lodging. 
Explore the beautiful natural features of the area by walking to the waterfront and hanging out by the river. The salmon are often running at that time of year!
 Enjoy the hot tub, trade massage, deepen your friendships and generally down regulate your nervous system!
We'll have two days to enjoy connective events led by staff, and participant offerings, and let go of doing the daily forums and emotional work. These days will focus on nurturing each other and ourselves. Stay for some chillaxing!
Enjoy offerings by Kim Keller, 
Blissflow bodywork with Amara Karuna
Classical Tantra with Hema Latha
This will be held on the Kitsap Peninsula.  The center is very private, tucked away in a lovely forest and is comfortable with sensual activities and nudity.  It offers great food, and a number of private and dorm style rooms, and lots of space for camping.
We will limit the retreat to 70 people including organizers/presenters. Because of the limited attendance, we will not be selling part time tickets.