Conscious Connection Retreat Agenda


For the PDF version: Conscious Connections Agenda 2022 Aug 25


Opening Plenary with Reid Mihalko

Putting the I and Us in Conscious:  How not to F@#k up this retreat

In this opening plenary, join professional sex and relationship geek, Reid Mihalko of, for a nerdy, inspiring, and humorous talk about the most common mistakes and dead spots intermediate and advanced seekers make at sex-positive retreats, how to lessen harm by increasing your fun & pleasure, and why leaning into complex topics like racism, ableism, trauma, and systemic oppression end up making you better in bed.

Opening plenary with Mac McGregor

The Magical Powers of Curiosity
Curiosity has the power to change our lives, in many wonderful ways. We will take a deep dive into looking at how to transform places within where we may be rigid into curious adventures.

Latihan with Hema

Latihan is an Indonesian inspired meditation in movement experience that can heighten your senses and is a practice in letting go.  The movement happens spontaneously in a large room with you and other participants and outwardly manifests as gentle physical whole body movement.  Inwardly however, this practice can transport you to a place of beautiful surrender and give you embodied tools to help you navigate the unknown.  This exercise is completely blindfolded and will involve all of your other senses to create connection with others and mostly yourself.  Participants come away feeling nurtured and blissed out!

Dance Eros

Eros is the glue of community and dance is one of our most ancient
human community expressions. With permission to dance in erotic expression within Community, what will you do?

While inviting Eros through the front door, how will you dance?

DanceEros is your playful opportunity to invite Eros through the front door in ecstatic dance however she arrives; in decadent glory, in
nuanced shyness, in quiet strength, in reverent irreverence, in bawdy ridiculousness...all manifestations are welcome as we create a
powerful community field through the moving and celebration of Eros.

We will establish an erotic-inclusive, consent driven container of agreements at the opening of the dance and then segue into
movement, dance and play!

Desires, Consent and Boundaries

This session will give us the important foundations of consent and healthy boundaries and allow us to develop erotic communication skills while deepening connection . We'll learn to share non-sexual touch that lets us practice communicating desires, as we release what prevents fulfilling them. You'll be able to explore coping mechanisms you may unconsciously use to deal with being vulnerable. Experience the deep presence Tantric exchanges make possible. . . Enlightening, pleasurable practical skills that enhance intimacy.

Poly Curious 101

Curious about this new love style that you're hearing a lot about called polyamory? Maybe you've read all the books but want to talk to folks actually living and loving the poly lifestyle. Whatever your reason or level of experience, join sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko of for a workshop full of tips and tricks and Q&A.

In this fun, informative and easy-to-understand primer on Polyamory and open relationships, we'll cover:

  • Definitions, vocabulary, and different ways to construct non-monogamous relationships
  • The elements that make Polyamory workable (and those that create frustration and regrets!)
  • Open relationship most common pitfalls and how YOU can avoid them
  • How to create safety by figuring out and negotiating your boundaries and agreements
  • How to find your Perfect Poly Fit and merge different poly styles to decrease upset and increase your odds that everyone is happier and MORE fulfilled
  • 3 tips and tools that will help you survive any poly exploration
  • The secret reframe that turns jealousy from a death knell into a beacon of hope and healthy relating!
  • Resources, books, and tools to proceed into the world of responsible non-monogamy, at whatever your preferred pace or interest level… Tools that help in monogamy, too!

Awakening Games with Jonathan

There are simple methods or "games" you can do with a partner that can help both of you to quickly access more joy, love, and peace.  In this playshop, you'll learn and experience 6 different ways to tap into higher states of consciousness with anyone.  The result is you'll both "get high" (without drugs), and feel deep presence and connection. No need to come with a partner.  Best of all, you'll be able to use these methods for the rest of your life with lovers or your friends.

Osho Dynamic Meditation with Sarito

This meditation is a fast, intense and thorough way to break old, ingrained patterns in the body mind that keep one imprisoned in the past, and to experience the freedom, the witnessing, silence and peace that are hidden behind those prison walls. A powerful physical active meditation. Delays the onset of seriousness. Wear loose and comfortable clothes. Will be cathartic and loud.  Bring a blindfold.

Heart Connection Ritual with Kim and Victor

This ritual will be an uplifting and transformative experience designed to heal, awaken, and open your bodies energy system, especially the heart! With step-by-step facilitation, participants are given the opportunity learn and practice neo-tantric skills, and to connect through practices such as eye gazing, breathing exercises, verbal sharing and sacred self-touch. Participants will:

*Practice opening and softening your heart

*Learn tantric practices to apply to life

*Foster deep presence

*Be nourished by human connection

*Experience intimacy,  even with physical distance

*Immerse into the larger field of love

When we share from that place of honoring each other's hearts, bodies, and souls, something deep inside of us is fed. In this puja you will be invited to step into sacred space so that together we might create the possibility of deep healing, nurturing, and joy together.

7 Minute Dates with Fred

For this playshop, each participant has the opportunity to connect for seven minutes with a number of different individuals. The invitation is to see how much you can fall in love with those who you are paired with. All are encouraged to find dates with campers of all genders and with those who they don't know well. And dates can be with more than one person. The first minute or two is used to find agreement about what the participants would like to do on their date. Sensual touch is greatly encouraged, but not required. These dates can run a wide gamut from quite wild and sexy to tame and sedate, as long as they are fully consensual. The final minutes of the playshop are for sharing highlights of the experience with the whole group.

Desire After Distancing with Paule

Join me in exploring how desire authentically moves in our bodies after the past couple of years+ of physical distancing and reduced social interaction with groups. As we come back together, we may need to explore how we currently feel in our energetic and somatic bodies, how we want to connect and express desire with others. Through some simple yet powerful relating games, we can begin to map a current understanding of desire and consent with ourselves and each other.

Authenticity is acting and speaking in alignment with our inner feelings, desires, and needs. Authentic Relating (AR) is the practice of bringing our truth into connection with others so that we can weave a more rich and truthful human experience. They can help us experience deeper connections, boost empathy, see the world through others’ eyes, and understand ourselves better so that we can enjoy life more.

The DDs of sexual empowerment with Dawn

This workshop develops discernment and desire in order for you to feel empowered in your sexual agency. Through Dawn’s academic research, she has formulated this workshop to address the core issues that arise for many people around their sexuality and how to express it to others. Uncovering how to listen to the body in order to know what feels true and what feels like a conditioned response is where we begin. Then we dive into the discovery process of your true sexual self, not as a reflection of others, but of what you really want to feel, express, and create. Once we start to uncover what you really want, then you will learn how to express those desires to others. This is an opportunity for self-discovery and expression that will move beyond sexuality into other parts of your life.

Ecstatic breathing for Aliveness and Awareness with Gwenn

"To breathe ecstatically is to activate on all levels of being into “a state of being beyond reason and self-control”. It is a practice of surrender and flow. Through the dynamic movement of breath that is both energizing and highly focused we move into a space of release, of letting go." - Caroline Stewart

Full bodied breathing, and the ability to move prana through our subtle body systems, is a foundational part of expanding our capacity for Joy. Please join Gwenn for a facilitated journey deep into your own core with the life-giving practice of ecstatic breathing. You'll watch the benefit ripple out into the rest of the retreat.

Deep Dance with Bob O

Deep Dance is tuning into the internal movement of emotions, sensations and our collective energies. Discover your own way to move in this delightful form that is both playful and loving. A spontaneous conversation unfolds as motion releases emotion. By using the language of our bodies, we give expression to feelings that are beyond words. Dance serves as the perfect metaphor to learn about ourselves as we tune into a partner. What your body learns transfers to other relationships. Using massage-like movements we will explore ways to nourish the hungry heart. Honor your desire for social, sensual, sexual and spiritual connection.
Feel your passion burning within and notice how others will gather to warm themselves at your flame.
You are invited to join a gathering of Kindred Spirits.

All levels welcome, no previous dance experience necessary.

Massage A Trois

Massage-A-Trois is a yummy event where we come together to give and receive massages in groups of three. We start with clarification of boundaries, desires and consent as they apply to both givers and receivers.  Relax, give, receive, enjoy, and leave with an oxytocin and dopamine high!

Becoming the Tree of Life with Ben

Participants will lie down in a circle, close their eyes, and be guided through a series of playful imagined bodily transformations that give a visceral sense of our oneness with all beings  that have ever or will ever exist on Earth. Afterward I'll give an equally playful short talk with visual aids giving a geometric proof that the crazy fantastical experience we just had is almost literally true.

Awakening Breathwork with Maggie


Breathwork is an amazing tool for getting out of the chaos of our minds and becoming more deeply connected to our bodies. You are perfect, your body is the healer, and you already have everything you need to experience sustainable transformation. Breathwork creates a self-healing process that allows us to use the energetics of the system to heal trauma, stuck emotions, and pain locked within our bodies. With breathwork, the body takes over and creates the experience needed, to provide insight, wisdom, and intelligence that is far beyond the intellect of the mind. Our bodies truly do know best, and when we take the mind out of the equation, the insights flow with so much more ease. Join Maggie on a journey to recalibrate your mind, body, and soul to experience

Positive Masculinity Circle with Mac and Hans

This circle is for male identified people and the structure will be loosely based on the one that the Mankind Project ( uses. This means that EVERY man gets an opportunity to share, without being judged or interrupted. There will also be NO counseling or problem solving during the circle. As such it will be a SAFE place to share what is going on with you. There will be strict confidentiality, so what happens in circle stays in circle. Mac and Hans will propose several topics to share on such as: "how to be a conscientious and positive man", "how to express your male sexuality so it works for everyone", "what is my life's purpose" and more. Every man gets the opportunity to share but nobody has to share. Feel free to join and just observe.

Shake Your Groove Thang with Lizzi

Shake Your Groove Thang is a beautiful opportunity to root and find comfort in our own sensual, moving, breathing bodies so that we may be more confident, at home and satisfied when moving and connecting with others.
Lizzi has been facilitating group experiences for over 20 years and will lead the group in a relaxed and playful way into feeling really good about themselves and their ability to get down!

Playful Intimacy with Matia

Playful Intimacy Presents;) Co-Regulation Station

A conscious cuddling breath practice to:

~awaken primordial senses

~melt animal body vigilance into trust

~Soften and open into heart

~vibrate and vocalize truth

~harmonize nervous systems and the group field

~melt into a buzzing, goey relaxation.

A divinely simple, meditative, rotating partnered practice where all are welcome.