Join us for

Dances of Universal Peace

Kirtan and Sufi Zikr (singing)

 Breath and Walking Meditations

Ecstatic Dance and Yoga  

    Group music making and Rumi Cafe talent sharing

Healing Ritual and Spiritual Discussions

 Intentional Community Land Tour

Visit a sacred volcanic warm pool and steam vents

"Come, come, whoever you are,
this caravan has no despair,
Even though you have broken your vows 10,000 times
Come, come again." -Rumi

Spiritual Renewal

Join us in co-creating nurturing, inspiring community!
Deepen into the Dances of Universal Peace, meditation, kirtan and other spiritual practices.  Each practice will be fully taught, no experience is necessary. If you cannot dance, sit and sing!
Sharing hearts:
Enjoy the company of those inclined to a spiritual path, with deep discussion and connection
and really enjoy a renewing vacation in paradise, with time for meditation, song and interfaith prayer.
the lush natural wonders of the actively volcanic Big Island of Hawaii.  Enjoy a journey to a nearby warm pool one afternoon.
Land based intentional community life on an established permaculture farm!

The Facilitators

Sheikha Amara Karuna

Amara has been leading the Dances of Universal Peace since 1985 and has been very involved in mentoring new Dance leaders.  She has been on teaching staff for five Sufi Camps has led many weekend retreats, zikrs and rituals which included the Dances.   She specializes in Dances from the Goddess and Earth traditions, and leads with lively humor and devotion.  She is a Sheikha (teacher) in the SRI lineage of Western Sufism.

In 1989, she developed her own approach to peer counseling, called Holistic Peer Counseling integrating peer counseling with spiritual meditation practices, psychic healing, breath work and body centered techniques.

She also lives at the intentional community where we will be dancing, and is one of the members there.

Sheikh Gayan Gregory Long

 Gayan is an acclaimed drummer, composer, leader of the Dances of Universal Peace, spiritual mentor, retreat leader, and storyteller. He has dedicated his life to awakening human potential through music, devotional practices, pithy teachings, and community celebration. Gayan is a direct disciple of Pir Shabda Kahn, the lead teacher of the Sufi Ruhaniat International’s school of western Sufism.
He has shared the Dances world wide and and led retreats with some of the foremost spiritual leaders of our time.