June 16-21st, 2024

Kitsap Peninsula near Seattle WA

It is time to release the past so you can be liberated in the present. 

This is the work we all return to once we reach that last crusty layer of patterns that do not seem to resolve no matter how much work we've done.

The areas where most people have suffering is in their self-worth, relating to others, and finding meaning in life.

To address these tender issues, we need to go back to the beginning where the programming started. We need to return to the imprints of how others shaped our views of self and the world, and where we left parts of ourselves behind so we could feel loved.

We inevitably experienced pain that we could not acknowledge and/or deal with sufficiently as a child. These experiences become our beliefs and stories that are lived out in the body as triggers and distortions in the adult mind. Deeply engrained feelings and memories are stored in the nervous system and are running our lives more than we suspect. 

During this workshop you will discover what imprints you received as a child. These imprints are the software you are using to examine and interpret the world. We use tools daily in this workshop to upgrade the nervous system to a more neutral state that allows for more freedom of choice versus reaction to your past.

Nervous System Deprogramming Technologies

Nervous Deprogramming Tool (NDT)

Physical Deprogramming Tools

Trauma Release

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Emotional Release

Aspecting with Emotional Release

The Key To Transformation: The Inner Child

Going back to the beginning through exercises and rituals

•  Remembering how to be playful, trusting, vulnerable, flexible, creative, vital, expressive, spontaneous, and fully you in each moment!
•  What were the messages you got about who you were supposed to be?
•  What are the childlike qualities that you have lost and could serve you now?
•  What is your current relationship to your inner child?

This workshop is an opportunity to identify YOUR subconscious childhood learning. Get to the root of what triggers and stories are running your life and release the faulty learning at the neurological level.

We replace the faulty learning with new beliefs about yourself and the world. This clears the nervous system of old learning and allows for new programming to happen. We also go through a deep experiential process of reconnecting to the subconscious inner child.

Come ready to learn! 
Come ready to remember! 
Come ready to deprogram what is not serving you! 

Please visit this website for additional information about this workshop, and watch the introductory videos:


Introduction to Liberation- Video

It is time to remember who we truly are and release what is not us. 

What is the benefit?

The most consistent impacts this workshop and aftercare program have had on people’s lives are:

 1) being less reactive and freer to make good choices for oneself,

2) relating to others better with improved relationships,

3) feeling more confident to be one's authentic self,

4) finding more fun and joy in life being more connected to my inner child.


Who should come?

This workshop is relevant for anyone who was a child and who had caregivers. The best of parenting still comes with programming and perceptions that are not aligned with our true essence.

If you are a parent or plan to become a parent, this workshop will change your views about how to meet your children. Family members have benefited from participating in this work together to clear transgenerational trauma.

You do not need to have prior workshop experience to attend. However, it is recommended that you have completed foundational self work.


What is the format?

This workshop is a five night, six day emersion with three months of aftercare offered for FREE. The workshop is trauma informed and facilitated by a doctorate level psychologist.

This workshop provides both therapeutic and transformational experiences. Through exercises we remember the child like qualities that make us a whole human. The lessons in this workshop are comprehensive and very applicable to becoming a mature, sovereign adult.

The rituals take us on an embodied journey to complete chapters of our lives that are keeping us trapped in our past. You will learn tools that are practiced daily and throughout the aftercare program.

One of the most impactful parts of this work is teaching you how to deprogram your nervous system of the imprints from childhood that cause unwanted stories, patterns, defenses, and triggers.

Yes! We teach you how to neutralize these so you can create new imprints and upgrade your human software.


Lessons That Advance Our Understanding of Ourselves

Integrating all these inner aspects is essential to a happy, empowered life

•   What is imprinting, how does it occur, and how do we effectively change this
•   What are the types of protective defenses and how do they hinder/ serve us
•   Understanding the different types of dissociation
•   How do I listen to my nervous system for optimal integration
•   Exploring your attachment style and how this impacts your relationships
•   What is true maturity and the 11 tenants of personal sovereignty
•   How do I meaningfully connect and work with my inner child
Five Days in the Workshop, Three Months of Guided Aftercare:
•  Food, lodging and daily curriculum included in the price
•  Virtual reality goggles, NDT audios, and binders included in price
•  Monthly small group meetings for three months following the workshop
•  One all workshop meeting (virtual) to support integration
•   Aftercare protocols for three months (provided in the workshop)
•   Eight follow up lessons for aftercare included

"I had conventional and unconventional training in all the modalities used in this training. I had the privilege of working with many mentors around the country over the past two years that have unique offerings for this deprogramming process. Doing this work personally has been one of the most valuable and life changes experiences. I have witnessed the permanent changes in patients, peers, and loved ones. I look forward to guiding you through this part of your journey."

- Dr. Stacy Ellis


Testimonial 1:
"Liberation is the evolution of retreats I've been looking for. Stacy has created an amazing experience that invited me to step into my inner child and see the imprinting I was given that's been dictating my life in an unproductive way. I was never pushed past my own edges yet still had deep emotional releases that gave me new perspectives on who I am underneath all my labels and identities. No more play small! All IS well!" ~CP

Testimonial 2:
"Liberation Releasing The Past was profoundly life changing for me. The tools, skills, resources, education I have gained from this experience with Dr Ellis, I view as one of the biggest investments I’ve made in my journey, and feel invigorated moving forward with making significant strides for living my best life. It’s not just another workshop… it’s training on how an individual can integrate modalities in to their everyday life to laugh, love, and smile more, by letting go of what doesn’t serve us, and calling in what does. All while in an loving, caring, safe, secure, organized, well held container. Furthermore including 3 months of integration after the program where the real changes comes into effect, as an integration coach myself , I greatly appreciate that. This is the work that really works." ~Joshua Jupiter


Testimonial 3:
"Liberation Sedona is an important work on the inner child that I had been avoiding my whole life. I have spent thousands of dollars on my grown up, learning tools to be a solid person, meanwhile carrying around ancient traumas that were programmed into me without my conscious mind knowing it was happening because I was a child when it happened. Not only was I able to discover my subconscious inner child, I was able to heal many of the traumas I experienced growing up. I feel so much lighter in my day to day living now that I have new tools to help me work through the overwhelm of my nervous system when it happens. Finally, I have a way to interact with my inner child that keeps me safe and empowered at any age I happen to be experiencing at the moment. Dr. Stacy Ellis is brilliant and this work is truly needed in the world!" ~Michael Gibson

Testimonial 4:
"This is subtly powerful work. It reaches deep places in a gentle way. Stacy brings a spirit of clarity, authenticity, play, knowledge and safety. She's a model for the Divine Parent most of us never had!"

Testimonial 5:
"The results speak for themselves and what I am experiencing in my life is a more relaxed body, a sunnier disposition, and greater sociability. Dr Ellis is such a skilled, competent, and loving facilitator that my body and my mind were both able to fully relax into trust and move through and release many long-held and sticky traumas. Life is good and all is well!" ~RS