Liberation- Releasing the Past

Registration Details

June 16-21, 2024
This course is open to all who are called. Experience is not required.

Logistics and Pricing

Event Times: Starts at 3 pm on June 16th, ends by 2 pm on June 21st with lunch after that.  Plan to leave by 4 pm.  It is possible to arrive a day early and also to stay later for an extra charge of $110 per night.

This retreat includes:

  • 5 night, 6 day accommodations
  • 3 meals per day
  • Full day transformational process and teachings

We have a some pricing options with special pricing for repeat participants.

Pricing: in USD

Special Registration- Early bird $1850 ( limited to 5)

Regular admission = $1950

Returning Liberation Participant = $1750 (limited to 5)

Camping in your own tent  or RV = $200 off regular tickets only

 Apply for your spot now!

 After you are accepted and get the welcome letter, send a deposit.

$600.00 US deposit per person secures your place.  Remainder due by May 15th.

Airfare and airport transfers to the venue are not included. Shuttles depend on timing and cost $60 one way per person, or $35 each for two people or more.  Or you can sign up on our ride form to share with other participants.

The site is 90 to 120 minutes from the SeaTac, WA airport.

Payment options include Venmo, Bank transfers, credit card or check.  You will get an email with more details when you are notified that you have a spot!


This is a summary.

We will be taking many steps to insure all of our safety, including:

*refraining from going to large events for 5 days beforehand, 

*avoiding anyone who is sick, 

*We will not do a rapid testing of everyone the day the event starts at the site.  Please bring 2 tests with you in case you need them.

*If you have any symptoms of illness, please do not come to the training.  

We all want to feel safe to explore and connect with each other! We know people have different beliefs around COVID and being safe with it, and we ask you to please abide by these guidelines to protect the organizers and other attendees.


 You may choose varying options, and prices below are for 5 nights during the training.
Bedding, mattresses and towels will be provided.
If you must have access to electricity, please choose indoors.  If you snore or use a CPAP, choose a private space.


Bring an RV or Tent

RV Parking or Tenting Discount:
$200 off Regular tickets only ($1950 and over). You bring all your own bedding, towels etc.


Dorm or Bunkhouse Room

Most dorm rooms have four - 6 beds (either as bunks or standalone).  

Private Single Room

If you need a private room, we have a limited number of them.  Extra $200 charge, for one or two people.

Private Platform Tent

If you need a private space, we have a limited number of large tents on platforms, or small tents at no extra cost.


Because we have limited space available, we have a strict refund policy.

A commitment to any of the Liberation Trainings is a deep commitment to yourself.  It is assumed that, if you feel drawn to these training, it is no accident.

If for some reason you become unable to attend, you may choose to have a refund.  We can issue a refund or credit for a portion of your payment according to the following schedule.

 If the world situation changes and we need to cancel the event at least one week before it starts, we will refund all money less our non-refundable expenses.

Cancellation 90 Days or More Before the Event- before March 15 2024
Full refund minus $150 Administration fee and bank costs

Cancellation 60 - 90 Days Before the Event – between March 15th-April 14
33% of your deposit or payment is retained if you want a refund.

Cancellation 30 - 60 Days Before the Event- between April 15-May 14th
50% of your deposit or payment is retained if you want a refund.

Cancellation 29 - 15 Days Before the Event -May 15-31st
75% of your deposit or payment is retained.

Cancellation 0 - 15 Days Before the Event - June 1-15
No Refunds.

If the training begins and we find someone tests positive for COVID and we need to isolate them, we can offer no refunds or transfers because the costs will all have been paid.

We all take this risk together, and take the steps needed to have a safe training.

Trauma Informed Consent Agreement

We would like you to read, understand, and agree to the below terms and commitments and take 100% responsibility for such.  No need to respond unless you do not agree or have some question.

This program is an individual process supported by a group field designed to awaken strong emotions.

We bring awareness and nourish aspects emphasizing self-responsibility as an essential requirement to navigate this spaces.

Dr. Ellis includes many aspects of the trauma-informed model. However, the Liberation Workshop is NOT a replacement for mental health therapy and this workshop is not focused on treating pathology. 

Liberation trainings are also not presuming to treat complex trauma or personality disorders. 

If you suffer from severe trauma, mental challenges, or are taking medications, we recommend you consult your therapist/ psychiatrist to check if participating is advisable.

The Liberation field activates the life force and is, at times, emotionally intense. We recommend that individuals working with known deep-seated traumas or an inability to down-regulate oneself seek one-on-one sessions and get approval from their therapist before participating in this group process. 

Please consider if your mental health is ready and capable of undertaking such powerful initiations and if you can take responsibility for your mental stability. 

On that basis, Dr. Ellis acknowledges and recognizes her responsibility to offer participants nondiscriminatory care, a consent-focused space, and appropriate support concerning the process as you navigate the journey.

We look forward to sharing with you!!