Trainings in Loving Touch

Bonney Lake, Near Seattle, WA, USA

Aug 30-Sept 1st, 2024 with Amara Karuna and Ray Cohen

Each section of the workshop can be taken independent of the others.

Do you love to receive massage, cuddling, and loving compassionate listening from others?
And would you also enjoy giving others this kind of relaxing, safe enjoyment, in a way that invokes your own inner priest or priestess?
Come enjoy being honored as the Divine Being that you are while generally being pampered.


The Heartbeat Nurturing and 7 Secrets events are open to couples and singles. Come with a friend or beloved, or be willing to make new friendships.

Each section includes a weekend day taught by the main teachers.

During week days the Apprentices will teach the same material. The apprentice days will be discounted.

This will be a training in enjoying and improving our ability to nurture each other, conscious touching and masterful massage.

The content is wonderful for newcomers or those experienced in touch and healing modalities.

These practices are a powerful way to explore our creative energy potential, and expand beyond usual limits to a new level of consciousness. It is an invitation to gain confidence in opening in sacred love to others, and a greater ability to experience ecstasy in all dimensions of life.

This work focuses on deep heart attunement, emotional safety and respect.

These practices can help to let go of our tensions, feel nourished, and to experience peace, silence and the presence of our Being.


Fri Aug 30-Sunday Sept 1

See details below.

led by Amara Karuna and Ray Cohen

1. Friday evening Aug 30thSacred Pampering Ceremony, 7:15-10 pm, $35
2. Saturday Aug 31st - Heartbeat Nurturing Training from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm. $135-250 sliding scale
3. Sunday Sept 1st - Seven Secrets of Masterful Massage 9:30 am to 6:30 pm. $135-250

(All three weekend events for $250-400 sliding scale)


(There will be a separate Blissflow Couples Massage training on Monday Sept 2nd that requires a different registration form.)



Bonus Trainings led by Apprentices, Sept 3-4

See details below.

4. Apprentice Led Heartbeat Nurturing Training on Tuesday Sept 3rd

 9:30 am to 6:30 pm. $90 -150 sliding scale

This is the same material as Saturday, but presented by Apprentices, so it another chance to learn the technique more deeply and practice with others, at a discount.

5. Apprentice Led Seven Secrets Training on  Wednesday Sept 4th

9:30 am to 6:30 pm. $90 -150 sliding scale

This is the same material as Saturday, but presented by Apprentices.

Friday Aug 30th

Snuggle Meditations

Friday Aug 30th, 7:15-9:30 pm
Closeness, awakening, presence, deep relaxation, 
nurturing touch, peace, consent- 
rolled all together at once.  Sound good?
What happens when all the performance pressure is off, and we are just together with no agenda but presence? Magic happens.
Snuggle Power: A certain kind of deep, sub-conscious healing happens simply by being close, and letting our hearts and breathing synchronize.
Meditation: A deep harmonizing of all the chakras and energies happens when we engage in meditation. Putting both these powerful things together creates amazing transformation.
Many people do not have enough touch in their lives, and many people need help simply relaxing and letting go. Come join us for a special kind of snuggle ceremony, where we hold each other close, fully clothed. We relax while we stay present and aware, and focus our awareness on various meditations on being together.
Learn tools for using in any relationship to increase intimacy....Come alone, with a partner, or bring your friends!
"I deeply enjoyed this experience. Nice to be with men and women in a softening loving field of energy. I loved tapping into the soul energy transmission of our collective energy body. So deep, healing, and connecting.” Jennifer D, Kona, HI

Sat 8/31 or Tues 9/3

Heartbeat Nurturing Therapy:

Returning to the infant state, being cradled in loving arms, letting go and trusting…
(Do you get enough of that?)
Come join us for a powerful and  healing event!
  • Create deeper bonding in relationships
  • Learn to transform needy childlike feelings
  • Trust others more deeply
  • Love and accept yourself more
  • Hold space for nurturing others
 A version of inner child therapy, this process works with accessing the infant self and memories still stored in our deep subconscious and cellular memory.  
By using cradling, hypnotic induction, shamanic journeying, touch, sound and spoken words, we open a direct channel back to that time and those experiences around birth and infancy.  
This intimate healing practice addresses the pain that many of us experienced as infants in our birth traumas, and the lack of enough skin to skin contact and breast feeding from our mothers after birth.  
People attending beginning class do not need to come with a partner.  It is a wonderful practice for couples to share.  We will be trading a number of shorter sessions so we can experience being mothered and fathered.

Sun Sept 1 or Weds 4

Seven Secrets of Masterful Massage:

Why do some people seem to have a golden touch that invites you to melt with pleasure? What is the essential difference between a massage that feels businesslike or clumsy, and one that is deeply intimate and satisfying?
Learn the art of conscious touch for the seven layers of the body. There is so much more to massage, and healing touch than just giving some good rubs.
Our bodies are complex and amazing living systems with so many levels.  With a little training, you can greatly upgrade your ability to give amazing touch! This introduction compresses many years of training in many different types of massage into a sampler, to give you the basic ideas of how to effectively give pleasure and relief from pain to your loved ones.
Join us for a powerful exploration of the essentials of aware healing touch.  This massage is done partially clothed and is non-sexual.
Your massages will never be the same!

Monday Sept 2

Blissflow Intimate Massage:

Treat yourself to an amazing, sensuous new experience!
Blissflow Massage is sensual and deep bodywork, done as a devotional practice, using aroused sexual energy combined with long, sweeping strokes on the whole body. 
Relax, energize and open to new levels of pleasure!

If you are interested in deep healing for your body, becoming a better lover, and taking your physical intimacy to another level, then you will find Blissflow a beautiful experience.

This workshop will consist of erotic bodywork that includes touching the whole body. The massage strokes run along meridians and muscle fibers, and are slow and deep.  These long strokes along the limbs and torso are combined with a steady, slow arousing touch with the hands, for a little journey into heaven.

The emphasis is on treating each other’s body as a sacred temple, using continuous, flowing strokes, which move the energy throughout the body, leaving you both relaxed and energized.

The Facilitators

Amara Karuna

Amara Karuna has been involved with New Culture for many years and is the Director of the New Culture Hawaii Winter Camp.  She lives on the Big Island of Hawaii in a New Culture community.
Amara is a main organizer of the Oregon Tantra Festival, an event that offers a variety of classes on sacred relationship and sexuality as a spiritual path.  She now co-organizes the Conscious Connection Retreat.
She also organizes for International School of Temple Arts, for their Level 1 and 2 week-long trainings in sacred sexual healing through Karuna Retreats, in Hawaii, Oregon and Washington.
Amara developed Heartbeat Nurturing Therapy, a method of healing the inner infant-self using cradling, hypnotic induction and suckling to address emotional issues stemming from lack of breast feeding & loving closeness as an infant.  She is the author of "Heartbeat Nurturing Therapy- Healing Our Hearts Together”

In 1989, she developed her own approach to peer counseling, called Holistic Peer Counseling integrating counseling with spiritual meditation practices, psychic healing, breath work and body centered techniques.   She has studied 6 different methods of pelvic bodywork, and has taught Sacred Pelvic Healing Work, Blissflow Intimate Massage, and led NeoTantra Pujas since 2007.

Ray Cohen

Ray Cohen is a professional counselor with experience helping people recover from substance abuse, a personal fitness coach and a professional musician.  He supports clients in working with issues of intimacy, polyamory, open relationships, and sexual healing, and can work with couples by phone or in the Portland area.
Ray leads neo-tantra ceremonies, Zegg forums, consent workshops, and has been teaching Sacred Pelvic Healing Massage and Blissflow Massage for years with Amara.  He lives in Portland, OR.  He just returned for 2 years of service in Uganda in the Peace Corps.