Activities OTF 2024

Events are designed in three levels of intimacy:

White = Friendly, conversational, does not involve physical touching yourself or others much

Pink = Sensual, involves tantric intimacy practices such as sensual touch, dance, breathwork, etc

Red = Erotic, involves more erotic touch of yourself or others you are with.

Welcoming Ritual

(A Neo Tantra Ritual) with Kim Keller and Ray Cohen

In this ritual, we will be blessing one another with a playful and prayerful energy.  This uplifting and transformative meditation is designed to heal, awaken, and open the energy system of one another. We will stand in a circle and engage in meditation, sacred touch and verbal sharing techniques.

By sharing this experiential ritual together, we gain greater understanding of Tantric principles and practices. We will each get a taste of the possibilities of the deep intimacy and passion that this spiritual approach to love brings. Designed for couples and singles, our welcome event will bring you into a deep connection with yourself, with others at the festival, with the intention of this gathering, and most importantly, with the unified field of conscious loving.

Pods: Small Connection Groups

With various hosts
Everyone welcome

This is a time to connect more deeply with a small group and share your process and experiences.

Pods continue throughout.

Science of Arousal

With Kim Keller
All welcome

What is arousal, and where does it come from? With the use of visual aids and dialogue, we will gain new understanding of the biology of arousal in human bodies.  Kim offers a detailed tour of the inner workings of the both the vagina/vulva and the penis, and an understanding of all the beautifully blended varieties.  We will explore how our genitalia are alike, how they are different, and the “secret” to finding the promised pleasure from these centers.

This is the sex education course you wish you would have received in high school.  Combined with the neo-tantric wisdom of energy, flow and full body connection, new ideas, attitudes and activities abound!

Creating Community/ Healthy Boundaries

with Gwenn Cody and Ray Cohen
How many of us say “yes” to things we don’t actually want out of guilt or a fear of losing connection?
In many ways, “no” is the most daring and intimate response possible. If I can hear your “no”, I can trust your “yes.”
We’ll practice the skills of self-awareness, transparency, and non-attachment, which help us find the space of mutually desired connection that is available with each person. We tend to look at boundary setting as ways we cannot connect and rarely see them as having real potential for deeper connection.
This workshop’s intention is to free us up to have boundaries without judgment of ourselves or others. It is also designed to help us embrace diversity, and difference and creatively interact with it authentically. An important and fun orientation to our basic guidelines on relating to each other during camp.

If you are a new participant, this is a required event so we are all on the same page!

Cuddle Time: Flannel not Lace

with Lizzi Juda
Everyone welcome

Cuddle Time:  Flannel Not Lace is an opportunity to:
*practice asking for what we need and want!
*practice receiving the touch and support we long for!
*get the most basic human need for touch met in a safe, conscious and consensual environment!
*deeply relax into nourishing platonic touch, allowing ourselves to be cradled, held, soothed, groomed and healed with no agenda!
* Get a big dose of oxytocin, the hormone that lowers our blood pressure and reduces stress and anxiety and helps us feel belonging!
By collectively creating a safe environment to connect, we are encouraged to bring this life changing activity home to our communities so we can keep building the world we want to live and be held in!
In this precious time together, we will do many partner exercises to create comfort and connection and we will end our time together in a group snuggle pile.
All will be invited and encouraged to deeply listen to your body and stay present with what is right for you in that moment and experience. 
Allow the animal of your body to love what it loves!!


Intro to Neo Classical Tantra

with Gerard Gatz and Dawn Beck
Everyone welcome

A blend of education and guided solo practices and guided practices in dyads and triads.  Group Connecting, deep presence and Heart opening.

Shake Your Groove Thang

with Lizzi Juda

This is an opportunity to root into and find comfort with our own sensual moving, breathing bodies! In this time together we will explore opening all parts of our bodies so we may become more confident and at home in ourselves. We will aim to reclaim all parts of our juicy, sensual, fully alive selves so that we are ALIVE when interacting with others.
Shake Your Groove Thang is a chance to be seen and to witness the funky, sexy beauty of others which restores our faith in knowing it is safe to be bold in sharing our gifts with the world!

Dance into Being

with Saffire Bouchelion
Everyone welcome

This work centers around first creating a deeper sense of embodiment, self empowerment and self expression through the use of sound and movement together. It is very freeing and opening while being deeply self-revealing. Guided by Saffire Bouchelion, international teacher and creator of this work, we will create music together, dance together, allow ourselves to see and be seen by others, work with the transition from neutral to activated space, and the energies of transmitting and receiving.

We also work with pulse, beat, and rhythm. As long as we are each in relationship with the same pulse, we are in relationship with each other. This is the essence of true community.

Guided Sensual Tantric Massage

with Dawn Beck and Gerard Gatz

Explore massage with a heighten sense of awareness and presence, and honoring the divine in each other. Done in pairs (Open to Singles and Couples). Unclothed or not to each participants comfort level.  Participants would need to bring with a large towel, 2 pillows, and we will be providing coconut oil. Bring your own if you prefer some other kind of massage oil.

Tantric Micro-Fusion Dance

with Jen Moss
Everyone welcome

Discover Tantric Micro-Fusion: A dance style where partners are guided to connect through sensual and playful movements, followed by freestyle dancing with choices for creative expression and ecstatic beingness.

This is a sacred movement workshop combining tantric elements with intentional micro-movement in partnered practice. Jen calls this interweaving of tantra and fusion dancing “Tantric Fusion.” Come enjoy a sensual practice of breath and presence in a focused yet playful way! Guided techniques and creative opportunities for connection will be facilitated. Elements being practiced are breathing, slow micro-movement, touch, holding, intention, syncing up, and tuning in.

Feel from the inside out as we explore the space between, against, and within, while sensual dancing and experiencing variations of intimacy and presence.

The Forum for Connection

With Various Facilitators
All welcome

The Forum is a group process developed at the German community ZEGG to provide a stage for whatever is happening inside the person: one’s true motivations, deep feelings, ideas and emotions. The Forum helps facilitate transparency, sharing and clarifying unsolved situations of daily life, and it can be a catalyst for one’s own personal growth.

Chakra Radiance!

With Gwenn Cody

All Welcome

Take a journey from your root to your crown, as we activate and open the beauty and power of your inner radiance. Both solo and with others, you’ll be guided into a fuller and more ecstatic expression of your true nature as energy and vibration. Breath, movement, sound and ritual are tools to discovering the joy of your own essence. Relating to life from all the chakras leads to a truly tantric connection with life.
Wear clothing for movement: sarong and water bottle encouraged. Opportunities for non-genital touch included. Modifications to boundaries in all exercises will be invited/suggested.

Earthgasm; Mother Earth becomes Lover Earth

With Kim Keller
All welcome

Join Kim on a transformative journey that celebrates our connection to the energetic vibrations that emanate from the very earth that holds and supports all life.  During this workshop we will explore these energies and how they vibrate and run through our physical body.  Through guided meditation and sensory experience we will reconnect with the natural world, allowing us to rediscover the symbiotic and nourishing relationship with nature in contrast to our current cultural consumeristic relationship.

We will celebrate our love affair between humanity and our beautiful, fragile and infinitely precious Lover Earth, and embark on this journey of love, awakening, pleasure and transformation together. This is a clothing-on experience of energetic orgasm and vibrational pleasure.

“Loving Lingam” Ritual and Massage

With Kim Keller

All Welcome

Within the context of sacred space and ritual, Kim will demonstrate a clothing-on, Neo-Tantric Lingam Massage. Best attended after Kim’s “Science of Arousal” class, this demo will include setting ritual space, connection of energy and breath, and the practice of utilizing pleasure for healing, restoration and vitality.

Following the demo, Kim will leave plenty of time for Q&A, and share her 20+ years experience of working with lingams, and the variety of modalities of touch she has come to offer and practice with her lover(s) and clients.

Conscious Attachment:

Enhancing Sacred Security ‘In and out of the bedroom’

With Jen Moss

An intimate look into Attachment Styles and their impact on sex, dating, and all other important relationships. Applicable to all relationship variations!  

This is an invitation to take a deep dive into your attachment tendencies and how they show up in your tantric practices. Explore a thorough understanding of how the quality of attachment affects lifespan development from birth to death and all present and future relationships! Expect to leave with ideas for more secure conversations and connections!

Connecting Games For the Heart

With Lizzi Juda

Everyone Welcome

This is a class of simple Icebreakers and laughter makers!  
We will explore basic improv theater and movement games that will loosen our bodies so we can easily break through any negative self talk and inhibitions. Come prepared to play, release, let go and uncover parts of yourself that may have been long neglected. I guarantee you will emerge from this experience so grateful that you stepped into greater self expression.


Yoga – Union with the Divine

With TBA
All welcome

Come and experience a uniquely traditional yoga class that focuses on integrating the mind, body and spirit. These classes are based upon ancient teachings and will have a mixture of asana (physical poses), pranayama (breath exercises) and yoga philosophy teachings.


With Gwenn Cody, Lizzy Juda and Saffire, in the morning sessions

Everyone Welcome

Join us and enjoy a safe space to dance without talking, drinking and the nightclub vibe. This is about getting great exercise, freeing your mind and body, and connecting with yourself and others in vibrant health.

Ecstatic Dance empowers people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds to freely express themselves; the liberating atmosphere creates a melting pot of acceptance and the fearlessness with which others move gives newbies permission and courage to dance without inhibition.

Deepening our Connections

With Ray Cohen

In these days of uncertainty, many of us look to create a foundation of feeling safe in our lives. Connection and intimacy help to create that foundation. In this session we’ll take a look at how our beliefs, thoughts and emotions can block us from contact with ourselves and others, and learn tools to clear those blocks so we have more freedom to experience an open flow of intimacy.
We will explore ideas and practices from “How Emotions Are Made” by Lisa Feldman Barrett, Holistic Peer Counseling, Tools of Emotional Release, and The Work by Byron Katie to increase our awareness of what choices can bring us closer together, contributing to feeling safer while deepening our connections.


With Kim Keller

Conscious touch requires a high level of presence, consent, clarity, energetic intention and resonance. In this workshop, Kim will demonstrate a simple and potent touch ritual and technique that will bring your partner, lover or friend into ecstatic states of bliss without any genital stimulation.
Learn to bring your heart into your hands, and your adoration into your words. Utilizing a unique full body touch posture, you will have the opportunity to witness this ritual, and then perform this ritual on your partner or other workshop participant. You can bring along a practice partner, or find someone in the workshop to practice with.
*Note: there may be partial nudity in this workshop (underwear must stay on), as well as the opportunity both to give and receive full body touch.


Yoni Massage and Ritual

With Ray Cohen

Everyone Welcome

Sacred Pelvic Healing Massage for Yonis
(demonstration on female bodied work)

This is a unique, slow and penetrating touch on the pelvic area, which most people have never experienced. It is relaxing, nurturing, healing and pleasurable all at once.  This work draws from the techniques of sacred spot massage, Orgasmic Meditation, cranial sacral work, facia release, Rivers of Love bodywork, Taoist energy healing and cultivation, and deep tissue and acupressure bodywork. It is wonderful for healing any issues around sexuality, shame, or body image and for expanding our capacity for aliveness, pleasure, juiciness and full body orgasms.  This approach to pelvic massage was developed by Amara Karuna.  We will watch a demonstration and answer questions.

Sacred Reflection

With Lizzi Juda
All Welcome

Allow yourself to create a piece of art that is a reminder of all the things that are good, true, unique and beautiful about you!!  We will provide collage images, handmade papers, makers and pre-cut words and you provide the inspiration and creativity.  No prior art experience or training is necessary. Just show up and let your hearts desires lead the way!

Sacred Ceremonial Circle of Connection

with Dawn Beck and Gerard Gatz
All Welcome

Connecting in small groups for sweet presence and tantric practices, bringing integration as we close our time together.

Closing Tantra Ceremony

with Kim Keller and Ray Cohen
All Welcome

Join us for a sweet and connecting ceremony where we integrate our experiences from the festival, and have time for some final discussions, tantric practices and group ritual.