Sacred Nurturing Retreat

May 31-June 1, 2024

Attend the events separately or as a whole retreat.

with Amara Karuna

Give yourself a gift of nurturing!
Drop in to loving and honoring your body temple, and nurturing your emotions with loving touch and support from others.
Enjoy sharing touch and improve your ability for conscious touching and massage, with people of all genders. 
Or bring a friend and have a special time nurturing to each other.

These practices are a powerful way to explore our creative energy potential, and expand beyond usual limits to a new level of consciousness. It is an invitation to gain confidence in opening in sacred love to others, and a greater ability to experience ecstasy in all dimensions of life.

This work focuses on deep heart attunement, emotional safety and respect.

The content is adapted to welcome newcomers,

These practices can help to let go of our tensions, feel nourished, and to experience peace, silence and the presence of our Being.

Open to couples and singles.

Come with a friend or beloved, or be willing to make new friendships.

Amara will be in Oregon for a rare weekend offering in Beaverton. Attend the day and evening events individually or enjoy them all for a discount!

Attending all three parts of the Sacred Nurturing Retreat May 31st- June 1st, costs $150-$300 sliding scale

Staying over night is an additional $30 charge. No meals included.


Weekend or Individual Event Options

Do you love to receive massage, cuddling, and loving compassionate listening from others?
And would you also enjoy giving others this kind of relaxing, safe enjoyment, in a way that invokes your own inner priest or priestess?
Come enjoy being honored as the Divine Being that you are while generally being pampered.
Weekend residential and non-residential tickets available

This retreat includes:

* Transformational Pleasure Magic Ritual:
Friday May 31st, 7:30-10
* Seven Secrets of Masterful Massage and Conscious Touch Training:
Saturday June 1st, 10 am-5:30 pm
* Sacred Body Ceremony, Honoring our forms:
Saturday June 1st, 7 -9:30 pm

Details on Activities

Transformational Pleasure Magic Ritual

Friday May 31st, 7:30-10 pm

Stretch Your Capacity to Enjoy and Change!

  • Explore and expand your capacity to fully receive pleasure
  • Broaden your spectrum of pleasure to be a more full body experience
  • Use the entrancing power of pleasure and the transformative power of ritual, affirmations and visualization in a potent combination!
  • Create new imprints in your subconscious about connection and abundance
  • Let's lift up our pleasure ceiling!

Working in rotational triads, we will weave a wonderful web of connection, with singing, sounding, movement, conscious touching, snuggle meditations, hair brushing, hand or foot kissing, and massage as possibilities.

You will get a turn asking for the kind of pleasure you want, while at the same time hearing affirmations that you have designed for your partners to repeat to you. This is a fully clothed, sensual event.

Friday night only: $35-45 sliding scale

or combine with other sections.

Saturday June 1st: Seven Secrets of Masterful Massage

Why do some people seem to have a golden touch that invites you to melt with pleasure?
Full day 10 am - 5:30 pm  $100-200 sliding scale


Conscious Touch Training

Why do some people seem to have a golden touch that invites you to melt with pleasure?

What is the essential difference between a massage that feels businesslike or clumsy, and one that is deeply intimate and satisfying?
Learn the Seven Secrets of Masterful Massage! 
There is so much more to massage, and healing touch than just giving some good rubs. Our bodies are complex and amazing living systems with so many levels.  With a little training, you can greatly upgrade your ability to give amazing touch!
This introduction compresses many years of training in many different types of massage into a sampler, to give you the basic ideas of how to effectively give pleasure and relief from pain to your loved ones.

Learn the seven levels of touch!

Join us for a powerful exploration of the essentials of aware healing touch.  Your massages will never be the same!

You will learn:

  • To touch another person with deep awareness
  • What happens to our chemistry when we are touched lovingly?
  • What kind of touch helps a muscle let go?
  • What works for unwinding the fascia?
  • How can we work with the bones to bring them more aliveness?
  • How can we delight the skin and drain lymph?
  • How can we feel into the energy body underlying the physical and open the channels?
  • How is breath related to healing touch?
  • How to be aware of your own body comfort while giving.
  • How you can use your own hands as healing magnets for energy balancing.

We will exchange a series of small touch trades practicing various intentions and techniques of touch, and then have a longer time for trading healing touch with each other.  Come with a partner or circulate to practice with several others.  We will be working on all genders.

This workshop is non sexual yet very sensual in nature.  We will keep the genitals covered.

You will be pumped with Oxytocin by the end!

Saturday Day only: 

$100 low income to $200 per person

Saturday Day only: 

$100 low income to $200 per person, 

$175 -300 per couple sliding scale.

Sacred Body Blessing Ceremony

Saturday night June 1st, 7:00-9:30 pm

Join us for a powerful ritual where we create a sacred space to adore and honor each other's physical forms as the magical, amazing, divine creations that they are.

We use fantasy and imagery, costumes, offerings, and light, reverent non-sexual touch to step out of our usual personalities and drop into deeper levels of awareness.

This will have a clothing optional segment, for those who wish to be "skyclad".

Please be comfortable with group nudity, and bring flowers and sacred objects and jewelry for offerings.

We will finish with a cuddle pile!

Saturday night only: $35-45 sliding scale

or combine with other sections.

The Facilitators

Amara Karuna

Amara Karuna has been involved with New Culture for many years and is the Director of the New Culture Hawaii Winter Camp.  She lives on the Big Island of Hawaii in the New Culture community called La’akea Permaculture community.  She lives New Culture full time!
Amara was a main organizer of the Oregon Tantra Festival, and the Cascadia Tantra Festival, both events that offered a variety of classes on sacred relationship and sexuality as a spiritual path.  She now co-organizes the Conscious Connection Retreat.
She also organizes for International School of Temple Arts, for their Level 1 and 2 week-long trainings in sacred sexual healing through Karuna Retreats, in Hawaii, Oregon and Washington.
Amara developed Heartbeat Nurturing Therapy, a method of healing the inner infant-self using cradling, hypnotic induction and suckling to address emotional issues stemming from lack of breast feeding & loving closeness as an infant.  She is the author of "Heartbeat Nurturing Therapy- Healing Our Hearts Together”

In 1989, she developed her own approach to peer counseling, called Holistic Peer Counseling integrating counseling with spiritual meditation practices, psychic healing, breath work and body centered techniques.   She has studied 6 different methods of pelvic bodywork, and has taught Sacred Pelvic Healing Work, Blissflow Intimate Massage, and led NeoTantra Pujas since 2007.

Ray Cohen

Ray Cohen is a professional counselor with experience helping people recover from substance abuse, a personal fitness coach and a professional musician.
He supports clients in working with issues of intimacy, polyamory, open relationships, and sexual healing, and can work with couples by phone or in the Portland area.
He says:

"As a holistic practitioner, I work with those seeking to feel more at home in their lives through attuning to mind, body and spirit.

My style emphasizes deep compassion, and weds spiritual understanding with commonsense coaching tools that bring your well-being and personal alignment into sharper focus."

Ray leads neo-tantra ceremonies, Zegg forums, consent workshops, and has been teaching Sacred Pelvic Healing Massage and Blissflow Massage for years with Amara. Ray is a main organizer of the Oregon Tantra Festival, an event that offers a variety of classes on sacred relationship and sexuality as a spiritual path.
He lives in Portland, OR.  He gave 2 years of service in Uganda in the Peace Corps.

Refund Policy

Because we have limited space available, we have a strict refund policy.

If for some reason you become unable to attend, you may choose to have your payment refunded minus an administration fee and bank costs (bank costs are fees incurred by us for credit card transactions, wire transfers, etc) according to the following schedule.

If we can fill your spot with someone else beforehand, we will refund you the whole payment less 20% cancellation fee.

Cancellation 30 - 8 Days Before the Event -May 1st- May 23
Refunded less 20% cancellation fee.

Cancellation 7 - 0 Days Before the Event -May 24- May 31
No Refunds except in the case of the COVID policy below, or unless we can fill your spot with others.If the event begins and you decide to leave, there will be no refunds or forwarding of your payments.

Coronavirus Cancelation Policy:

EXCEPTION: (Since we are asking you not to attend if you have Covid), if you get sick with covid and have to cancel within 7 days of the training start date, and can provide proof of a positive test result, we will refund you all of your tuition minus any non-recoverable costs (such as non-refundable catering or venue deposits, etc.)

We trust and appreciate your integrity and honesty around last-minute cancellations.