Join the Adventure

Would you enjoy a relaxed tropical vacation with yummy community, spiced with ceremonies in sacred ancient sites?

Come join us on the magical Yucatan peninsula, for a week of visiting powerful sacred sites, ceremony, relaxation, connection, and restoration, just before the ISTA Core gathering.

March 11-17, 2023
with Aya Kamānakai, ISTA Faculty
and Amara Karuna,
Workshop Facilitator and ISTA Organizer

Our day time together will include:
* visiting the ancient Mayan Coba pyramid
* a jungle trek to a hidden Mayan sanctuary with a cacao ceremony
* relaxing on stunning white sand beaches
* cooling off in private freshwater cave pools
* sound healing in a crystal cave
* sweat lodges, yoga, ecstatic dance, Love Pods, amazing food and access to spa services.

In the evening we will enjoy connection ceremonies and sharing in our sacred temple space, co-created by those attending, as well as our two facilitators, Amara and Aya.

We will be at a beautiful Eco Resort near Tulum that hosts ISTA trainings, so we can feel free to dance, play and be wild in this tropical paradise!

Limited to 40 people total. Pre-requisite: ISTA Level 1 graduates, attendance at a Network for New Culture Camp, Tantra Festival or similar event.

ISTA Core members and partners given first priority.  This is a relaxed opportunity to have fun, adventure and to be with community.

Touch the past

Traveling to a sacred power spot allows an inner journey along with the outer one.
Enjoy the companionship of like minded friends as we explore the mysteries of the ancient Mayans.

If you are an ISTA Level 1 SSSEX graduate who is ready for more adventure, please join us!

Applications open!

Regular Tickets $1795

ISTA Core members $1595

Coba Pyramid Ruins

Coba is an ancient Mayan city, and during the classic period (600 AD to 900 AD) the site was an important center connecting the largest network of stone causeways of the ancient Mayan world. In its peak, Coba had more than 50 000 inhabitants. The pyramids and the settings are simply stunning. We will also visit a cenote to cool off! Coba Ruins have been increasingly popular and recognized by visitors in the past few years because of its exceptional settings in the jungle, easy accessibility and overall because of well-preserved structures, including the famous Nohoch Mul pyramid.

Temazcal (sweat lodge) Ceremony

We will be guided through this Mayan ceremony which involves sitting in a traditional “sweat lodge" receiving ancestral wisdom & breathing, singing and sharing practices.

Sound Healing

A magical secret cave is the perfect spot for a sound healing. Enjoy this unique experience and emerge from the cave to join a beautiful fire circle.

Gorgeous Beaches

Enjoy the beautiful white sand Xcacel Beach, and eat lunch at a local restaurant.

Tulum Ruins

Explore more ruins in Tulum. Probably none of the Mayan ruins was built on a more stunning place than Tulum Ruins, the famous walled city, Perched atop a 12-meter high cliff overlooking the rough Carribean Sea.

Exclusive Jungle Trek to Mayan Sanctuary

Explore a Mayan Sanctuary in a Trek (40 minutes) through the jungle to discover a Mayan pyramid, sacred cenote pool and enjoy a unique cacao ceremony.

The venue

Paladora is located in the small town of Chemuyil, Mexico:

15 minutes from Tulum, 10 minutes from Akumal, & 20 minutes from Puerto Aventuras.

Close to the Beach & Cenotes. A neighborhood of hidden gems - a 5 minute drive to the last protected beach of the Riviera, a quick 10 minute drive to the incredible site of Dos Ojos and if that is not enough. 4 cenotes (pools) within walking distance of the property.

*Private Bathroom, AC & Fan in Every Bedroom
*Toiletries & Beach Essentials
*Weekly Housekeeping
*Great Wifi Throughout the Property

The resort is nested on 1 hectare of property. Fly in to the Cancun airport, take a shuttle south.


Optional Journey March 17-19:

There are three nights between our Sacred Sites event and Core Gathering.
We have limited spaces to join Aya for an additional stay for two nights at a hotel near Chichén-Itzá, to tour the major pyramid site. These are some of the most impressive ruins and pyramids in Mexico, astounding us until today how extraordinary and knowledgeable ancient Maya people were in every aspect of their lives - architecture, astrology or mathematics. It is one of the most well-known and most-visited places in the Americas.  Additional separate cost $350.

The Facilitators

Amara Karuna

Organizer and  Co-Facilitator

Amara Karuna has been involved with Network for New Culture for many years and is the Director of the New Culture Hawaii Winter Camp. She lives on the Big Island of Hawaii in the New Culture community called La’akea Permaculture community.  She lives New Culture full time!  
She is an ISTA organizer and also organizes other retreats which can be found at Karuna Retreats.
In 1989, she developed her own approach to peer counseling, called Holistic Peer Counseling integrating counseling with spiritual meditation practices, psychic healing, breath work and body centered techniques.   She has studied 6 different methods of pelvic bodywork, and has taught her own version of Sacred Pelvic Healing Work, and led Tantra Pujas since 2007.  
Amara developed Heartbeat Nurturing Therapy, a method of healing the inner infant-self using cradling, hypnotic induction and suckling to address emotional issues stemming from lack of breast feeding & loving closeness as an infant.  She is the author of "Heartbeat Nurturing Therapy- Healing Our Hearts Together".
To hear her original music videos and free classes, check out her Youtube channel!

Aya Kamānakai

Co-Facilitator, ISTA Faculty

Allured by the wild and beauty within us, Aya Kamānakai calls us to remember the ancient wisdom and awaken the intelligence stored inside our bodies. She passionately calls women to embrace their pleasure and reclaim their sexual energy as a life force to create the life of their dreams.

Combining embodied movement, somatic expression, and vocal empowerment, Aya guides journeys of self exploration designed to connect to our authentic selves, unearth our deepest desires and birth our highest offerings. Aya hosts exotic transformational retreats, womb awakening workshops, online courses and private coaching as a reimagined mystery school where we learn from the wild, the wisdom in our bodies, and the vastness of our inner-knowing.

Aya is faculty with ISTA (International School of Temple Arts), and a Shamanic Womb Apprentice with Janine Ma-ree with the Red Earth Temple. She has also completed an Womb apprenticeship with the Dr Azra and Seren Bertrand of Womb Awakening, and is a VITA certified coach. She is an advocate for all beings reclaiming full creative potential, reviving wild sexuality, passion and rooting us in our sexual sovereignty.